Part 1Performance:

Guests watch and interact with magician Sean Heydon as he performs Dynamo and David Blaine style street magic tricks in their hands and under their noses.

Part 2 Work Shop:

Guests take part in a 'Street Magic' work shop, where they learn to perform 3 amazing street magic tricks that will amaze their friends and family. They will learn:

  • 1. An amazing illusion with their arm
  • 2. How to make a drinks bottle/glass/tumbler penetrate through a solid table
  • 3. The worlds most famous card trick

Part 3Presentation of magic trick:

Sean Heydon presents the birthday child with a 'professional' street magic trick they get to keep, and use to wow their friends and family.

Part 4Street Magic Illusion:

Watch the guests gasp in amazement as Sean makes the birthday child or one of their friends float in the air.

Sean Heydon - Alternative Magic